quinta-feira, 9 de dezembro de 2010

New Web Site

Check out the new website have fun:

sexta-feira, 26 de novembro de 2010

Get Free Facebook Coins

Hy guys today i am gonna tell you how to get free facebook coins, there is a simple way it can take long but it works.

1. Go to the website http://gamecoins.com

2. Make login with your facebook account

3. Click in the Menu "GET GCs" and select "do missions"

4. Read and do the missions available

5. After finishing the missions, check your GC

6. Click in the Menu "SHOP" and select "Exchange GC"

7. Click where it says "FACEBOOK" in the exchange area

8. Check your GC points, and just buy with your GC points Facebook Credits.

I hope you like it, it works i have tested...

You can Download the EBOOK for more detail:


quarta-feira, 24 de novembro de 2010

Crime City

Mafia games online have been popular for some time and games such as Mafia Wars have done quite well on Facebook. Crime City follows in the footsteps of Mafia Wars but this RPG is entirely different. The game requires much more interaction and your actually in the game not just clicking text. You have your own hood where you can place various buildings to make money and you can visit various areas of the city to take missions and climb your way to the top of the Mafia ladder. As you play you will use energy to complete missions in the game which will recharge slowly over time. Harder missions in Crime City will naturally take more energy. You can also visit the hood of any player in the game and steal from them or fight. As you level up new areas of the city will open up and you can visit them and take missions there.

The Best Way to Level Up.

In fact each time you level up your character, you can spend skill points, in Attack, Defense or Stamina, in my opinion that gone depend on you, if you have a lot of free time to play this game you should spend your points on the Stamina only until you get a good Stamina to do the mission.
If you just play 5minutes a day you can spend some skill points on attack or defense, but try to have almost 350 stamina in the beginning, otherwise you gonna have some difficulties, do some missions that consume a lot of stamina.
This game require a lot of friends, if you don't have try to find it, otherwise you can get very very boring playing this game.

About the Game Play:

The Fights of this game are basics, just click on the people in the city, and i kill them, so there isn't no Real time fight automatically.
Your City, in Crime city each player as a city, the city can help you get extra money, but you need friends to protect your buildings otherwise the opponents can robe your buildings.
In my opinion the game is funny at the beginning, but after playing some time, and leveling up some levels the game gets boring, because is all ways the same objective, Collect money and Level Up just that, if you get attacked you don't lose that much, when you lose in a fight the result is the same if you were win, so this game is just a time killer. The good about the game is just the graphics, and the guns nothing else.


The pay players can have better buildings that increase the income revenue, but the free players each time they level up they get one gold, if you free players have some patience you can get some nice buildings with need to paying them.



terça-feira, 23 de novembro de 2010

Tutorial for Download

This is a tutorial for downloading the Ebook, on this Blog. I hope you will enjoy it. Any problem you can reply. Thanks

sábado, 20 de novembro de 2010


Braaains is an exciting, deep, action-packed game for Facebook users. Players are able to build a team of amazing Zombies, amassing a horde and battling their friends. Players can watch the combat happen right before their eyes, leveling up their player and buying new weapons, enhancements, and abilities. There is no stop to the fun players can have customizing and creating a unique and powerful horde of Zombies.
Broken Bulb Studios has put our years of experience at work in Braaains, our most complete and fun game to date. Work to unlock a massive list of custom achievements throughout the game, opening up an exciting level of gameplay unmatched anywhere else on Facebook. Braaains truly is an immersive, exciting game players will love for years! Official Site

About the Game:

This game brings you the possibility, to have up 20 Zombies fighting on your side against other Zombies (Players). This game as no Real Time PVP, and the zombies fight automatically, you can only see them fight.
This game gives you the possibility to equip and improve your horde of Zombies, with a lot and funny weapons, and armors. This game as also Enchants that power up all of your Zombies, they can also have Special Powers that hit your enemy at the beginning of each fight.


This game all you can do is buying brains, to improve your horde more quickly if you want to be the best i recommend purchasing brains, But the Free Player's can also have brains for free just check the Guide to get some quickly brains. A Free Player can be also the best, the one issue is they take long very long time to improve all horde of Zombies.

In my opinion, this game miss a lot of features, like:

Trading System

Campaign Mode / Some Daily Quests

Tournament Mode

The good about the game is, the weapons, armors and the enchanters they are very fun.
I haven't that much to talk about this game, you can check the EBook to learn the best strategy to fallow.
You can download the Guide for Braaains.


  • How to Start - Best way to improve your Zombies
  • How to get brains quickly




Have fun and if you have another way to improve your horde, reply.

quarta-feira, 17 de novembro de 2010

Urban Rivals

Urban Rivals, is another card game, but this game only as PVP (Player vs Player) on Real time (that is cool)
This game is very funny, at the beginning can be a quite hard to understand how it works, but after a little time experiencing the game you get easily.

This game as good features, the cards gain xp and level up to powerful one's, there are a trading market system where you can sell cards and buy from other players, there are also pack card's that you can buy with Credits, include a Clan System, Tournaments (each tournament as this own rules). the only problem i see is don't have a campaign mode or something like that.


Every Free Players can get all cards don't need to pay them, and don't exist any special cards for the pay players, the advantage for the pay players is they can buy Pack cards more easily and get the new cards the game release sooner than the free players. But if you are a free player, and have some patience you can win CREDITS to buy pack cards, it's slow to win credits but if you play in tournaments and get in a good position of the rank you can get some credits for free. So i classify this FP vs PP balanced

About Cards 

There are a lot of Factions, and each faction has is own ability. Play the game and choose your favorite cards i be the best :P




Tyrant game, is a card game like WarStorm, but with future weapons like missiles, tanks and a lot more thinks like that. in this game you select a Hero and build your squad, the cards have good abilities.

For the people who knows WarStorm, this game is very smiliar so i gonna tell the difference between them.

1º Tyrant as Campaign Mode
2º Tyrant as Ranking Player Mode
3º Tyrant game play gives the player the opportunity to choose witch card the player wants play (in my opinion that is much better than warstorm)

At the moment the game is balanced because the Pay player can buy cards one by one, and the free player can only purchase pack cards. The pay players have also some exclusive cards, but at the moment nothing to worry  free payers. Is a nice card game, and the price for a pay player is very fair.

Card Types:

There are a few card types in this game: Commander, Assault, Structure, Action.

Commander card define the heal and can have some abilities to help your squad, if the commander die, you lose the battle.

Assault cards those are your units to fight against your opponent they have abilities to hurt commander's opponent.

Structure this cards help your assault cards, you must think they are like buildings, they can heal, protect and do damage as well to your opponents.

Card Faction:

Imperial, Raider, Bloodthirsty, Xeno - Each Faction as own abilities, you can mix them as well with your squad.