quarta-feira, 17 de novembro de 2010

Urban Rivals

Urban Rivals, is another card game, but this game only as PVP (Player vs Player) on Real time (that is cool)
This game is very funny, at the beginning can be a quite hard to understand how it works, but after a little time experiencing the game you get easily.

This game as good features, the cards gain xp and level up to powerful one's, there are a trading market system where you can sell cards and buy from other players, there are also pack card's that you can buy with Credits, include a Clan System, Tournaments (each tournament as this own rules). the only problem i see is don't have a campaign mode or something like that.


Every Free Players can get all cards don't need to pay them, and don't exist any special cards for the pay players, the advantage for the pay players is they can buy Pack cards more easily and get the new cards the game release sooner than the free players. But if you are a free player, and have some patience you can win CREDITS to buy pack cards, it's slow to win credits but if you play in tournaments and get in a good position of the rank you can get some credits for free. So i classify this FP vs PP balanced

About Cards 

There are a lot of Factions, and each faction has is own ability. Play the game and choose your favorite cards i be the best :P



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