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Crime City

Mafia games online have been popular for some time and games such as Mafia Wars have done quite well on Facebook. Crime City follows in the footsteps of Mafia Wars but this RPG is entirely different. The game requires much more interaction and your actually in the game not just clicking text. You have your own hood where you can place various buildings to make money and you can visit various areas of the city to take missions and climb your way to the top of the Mafia ladder. As you play you will use energy to complete missions in the game which will recharge slowly over time. Harder missions in Crime City will naturally take more energy. You can also visit the hood of any player in the game and steal from them or fight. As you level up new areas of the city will open up and you can visit them and take missions there.

The Best Way to Level Up.

In fact each time you level up your character, you can spend skill points, in Attack, Defense or Stamina, in my opinion that gone depend on you, if you have a lot of free time to play this game you should spend your points on the Stamina only until you get a good Stamina to do the mission.
If you just play 5minutes a day you can spend some skill points on attack or defense, but try to have almost 350 stamina in the beginning, otherwise you gonna have some difficulties, do some missions that consume a lot of stamina.
This game require a lot of friends, if you don't have try to find it, otherwise you can get very very boring playing this game.

About the Game Play:

The Fights of this game are basics, just click on the people in the city, and i kill them, so there isn't no Real time fight automatically.
Your City, in Crime city each player as a city, the city can help you get extra money, but you need friends to protect your buildings otherwise the opponents can robe your buildings.
In my opinion the game is funny at the beginning, but after playing some time, and leveling up some levels the game gets boring, because is all ways the same objective, Collect money and Level Up just that, if you get attacked you don't lose that much, when you lose in a fight the result is the same if you were win, so this game is just a time killer. The good about the game is just the graphics, and the guns nothing else.


The pay players can have better buildings that increase the income revenue, but the free players each time they level up they get one gold, if you free players have some patience you can get some nice buildings with need to paying them.



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