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Tyrant game, is a card game like WarStorm, but with future weapons like missiles, tanks and a lot more thinks like that. in this game you select a Hero and build your squad, the cards have good abilities.

For the people who knows WarStorm, this game is very smiliar so i gonna tell the difference between them.

1º Tyrant as Campaign Mode
2º Tyrant as Ranking Player Mode
3º Tyrant game play gives the player the opportunity to choose witch card the player wants play (in my opinion that is much better than warstorm)

At the moment the game is balanced because the Pay player can buy cards one by one, and the free player can only purchase pack cards. The pay players have also some exclusive cards, but at the moment nothing to worry  free payers. Is a nice card game, and the price for a pay player is very fair.

Card Types:

There are a few card types in this game: Commander, Assault, Structure, Action.

Commander card define the heal and can have some abilities to help your squad, if the commander die, you lose the battle.

Assault cards those are your units to fight against your opponent they have abilities to hurt commander's opponent.

Structure this cards help your assault cards, you must think they are like buildings, they can heal, protect and do damage as well to your opponents.

Card Faction:

Imperial, Raider, Bloodthirsty, Xeno - Each Faction as own abilities, you can mix them as well with your squad.



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