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Warstorm, is a card game, and the game play is quite easy just select your cards and the game plays alone against your opponent, in my opinion they should implement another system fight, where the player could choose witch cards you want play, i think the game loses a lot with this Random AI vs Random AI system.

The game miss some features, like trading cards, the option to sell then, the only think you can do is give your cards to friends.

Free Player VS Pay Player

The game as the main deck and is available to every players, but at this moment WarStorm as already release two new expansions and only if you pay i can get them.
The Expansion Pack's have exclusive and powerful cards, that means if you are a free player and you fight against a pay player you have high chance to lose. The game gets unbalanced and can be very unbalanced in FREE VS PAY battle, if you want to be the best pay the game.


The good about this game it's a lot of cards with a lot abilities, that make possible do tones of different strategies. In the Card Faction Main Abilities i am gonna talk witch Faction belongs Strong abilities of course there exist more abilities than those i gonna show you.

Card Factions Main Abilities:

Human Faction: Icebolt, Block, Fly

Elf Faction: Archer, Heal, Poison

Orc Faction: "big creatures", Whip, Rush

Undead Faction: Regenerate, Animated, Immune

Demon Faction: Fly, Firebreath, Ice Armor, Flaming

Best Faction:

There isn't a best Faction, but in my opinion the Demon Faction as a quite advantage with there Flaming, Firebreath and Flying abilities, but they are almost Dragons, that can be beat with the Orc Faction or Elf Faction.
If you build a good deck you can beat easily any player.

Best Deck

I gonna tell you some tips:

1/2 Squads Battle: build a fast deck

3/4 Squads Battle: build a strong one, and don't forget to put cards with the "Reclaim" abilitie



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