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Braaains is an exciting, deep, action-packed game for Facebook users. Players are able to build a team of amazing Zombies, amassing a horde and battling their friends. Players can watch the combat happen right before their eyes, leveling up their player and buying new weapons, enhancements, and abilities. There is no stop to the fun players can have customizing and creating a unique and powerful horde of Zombies.
Broken Bulb Studios has put our years of experience at work in Braaains, our most complete and fun game to date. Work to unlock a massive list of custom achievements throughout the game, opening up an exciting level of gameplay unmatched anywhere else on Facebook. Braaains truly is an immersive, exciting game players will love for years! Official Site

About the Game:

This game brings you the possibility, to have up 20 Zombies fighting on your side against other Zombies (Players). This game as no Real Time PVP, and the zombies fight automatically, you can only see them fight.
This game gives you the possibility to equip and improve your horde of Zombies, with a lot and funny weapons, and armors. This game as also Enchants that power up all of your Zombies, they can also have Special Powers that hit your enemy at the beginning of each fight.


This game all you can do is buying brains, to improve your horde more quickly if you want to be the best i recommend purchasing brains, But the Free Player's can also have brains for free just check the Guide to get some quickly brains. A Free Player can be also the best, the one issue is they take long very long time to improve all horde of Zombies.

In my opinion, this game miss a lot of features, like:

Trading System

Campaign Mode / Some Daily Quests

Tournament Mode

The good about the game is, the weapons, armors and the enchanters they are very fun.
I haven't that much to talk about this game, you can check the EBook to learn the best strategy to fallow.
You can download the Guide for Braaains.


  • How to Start - Best way to improve your Zombies
  • How to get brains quickly




Have fun and if you have another way to improve your horde, reply.

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